Dr. Aaron Rosselle earned his Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in 1991. He was a high school teacher and coach before returning to graduate school. He earned his Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in 1999. His post graduate studies are in traumatic injury and sports injury rehabilitation, nutrition, pregnancy and birth and the chiropractic techniques – Network Spinal Analysis, Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique, Sacro-Occipital Technique. Clinically, his focus has been in areas of life interest – holistic family wellness care, sports enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation and holistic collaborative/ integrative care. These have led to expertise with cases ranging from pregnancy and birth to traumatic injury, from ameliorative care to optimal health and wellness. Dr. Rosselle is co-founder of iCOR (Integrative Chiropractic & Orthopedic Rehabilitation). He has been in consistent practice in Oakland, California since graduation in 1999. His holistic ethic includes family and personal life as well: living on an organic urban farm, eating a vegan organic diet, bicycle commuting to his practice, surfing and many other sports and raising four healthy, happy children.


Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor in Oakland, California. Dr. Karpfinger has been working with her husband Dr. Aaron Rosselle, DC at iCOR for over 17 years where they focus on holistic solutions to balancing the body. When vaccine mandate law was introduced in the state of California, Dr. Karpfinger was on the front lines opposing this law, knowing the impact it would have on babies and children and their families. Dr Karpfinger has used nutrition, herbal and mycological adaptigens, probiotics, and chiropractic to help babies, children, and adults in all facets of health regain their vitality. Heavy Metal detoxing, Microbiome protection and recultivation, Myofacial restructuring, and Chiropractic.

Dr. Eileen Karpfinger has been helping people live healthier lives since 1992, as a Nutritional and Cleansing Coach. Active throughout her childhood and teen years in running and bike racing, she developed an interest in endurance sports as a Junior in High School. She has to date, completed 23 marathons, 2 triathlons, and 1 endurance run of 40 miles. Following her graduation from College with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Dr. Eileen travelled the world for nearly 2 years solo. On that adventure she heard the calling to become a Doctor. Deciding that her life should be spent helping more people on a grander scale, she embarked on a journey that would lead her to Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward where she earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic, graduating with honors. Dr. Eileen has been in private practice since 1999, helping families achieve their wellness goals while raising healthy, un-­medicated children. She continues to mentor families and provides nutrition and parenting workshops in all parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. Extensive postgraduate training has earned her advanced certification in Network Spinal Analysis and Webster In-­‐Utero Constraint Technique. Her clinical practice focuses on optimizing health and wellness through holistic integrative health care from a vitalistic (the bodies inborn ability to self heal) perspective. Her practice has focused her expertise on a wide range of health concerns with an emphasis on family, pregnancy and pediatric care. She is co-­‐founder and co-­‐director of Upaya Center for Wellbeing and iCOR (Integrative Chiropractic & Orthopedic Rehabilitation), located in Oakland, California, an outgrowth of her vision to build a healing centered community delivering true, collaborative health and wellness care.